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Working independently does not mean working in isolation

Misunderstanding the difference could cause setback in your career

Independence is often mentioned in various rubrics of the software engineer ladders in various companies. …

How to make you, an entry-level engineer, unique on the team

Instead of being unique, they are more like, monetarily and technically, cheaper versions of their mentors

An important word we hear a lot during some career development talks is “unique”. Being unique on the team boosts your impact and makes you (kind of) irreplaceable.

But for many entry-level engineers, they…

For most software engineers, especially individual contributors, your work, the products of your time and effort, will eventually be your codes. But writing codes are not easy. What if you get stuck? What if you are in a marathon of debugging and all you can tell your managers and leads…

As a software engineer, I have several years of experience conducting technical interviews. This article summarizes several common technical interview mistakes interviewees have made. Please note that while the details of the coding interviews are specific to my company, the essence can be applied elsewhere.


I primarily participated in coding…


Take some introductory online classes about CS to see if you like it or not, then either get a master degree(longer >= 1.5yrs) or go to bootcamp(shorter, usually around 1yr).

Step 1: Basic Understanding on CS Fundamentals

(If you have taken some CS courses, or committed to get a software engineer job, skip to step 2. …

Wu Za Fu

Software Engineer, Stanford/UC Santa Barbara Alumni

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